President Jerry Rawlings

January 7, 1993

The constitution entered into force on January 7, 1993, to found the Fourth Republic. Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings was inaugurated as President and members of Parliament swore their oaths of office. In 1996, the opposition fully contested the presidential and parliamentary elections, which were described as peaceful, free, and transparent by domestic and international observers. In that election, President Rawlings was re-elected with 57% of the popular vote. In addition, Rawlings’ NDC party won 133 of the Parliament’s 200 seats, just one seat short of the two-thirds majority needed to amend the constitution.


2 Responses to “President Jerry Rawlings”

  1. Fourth Republic
    The Fourth Republic was inaugurated on January 7th 1993 with the swearing in of H. E. Fit. Lt. Rawlings as President and his running mate, Mr. Kow Nkensen Arkaah as Vice President. On December 7th 1996, Flt-Lt. Rawlings was re-elected for a second four-year term as a President, with Prof. John Evans Atta Mills as his running mate. In the 1996 elections, President Rawlings beat Mr. J. A. Kufuor of the NPP to second place. In the Parliamentary elections, the NDC won 133 seats, the NPP 61 seats, PCP 5 seats and PNC 1 seat.

  2. Kwesi Agyeman Says:

    JJ Rawlings would you shut up! you are the most corrupt president Ghana has ever had, tell us about the M&J, the SCANCEM, who paid for your kids fees abroad?, why did you kill the judges?, you stole millions of 50 cedi notes from poor Ghanaians

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